TOLEDO, Ohio — Lucas County continues to promote 911 consolidation to all municipalities in the area.

So far, Oregon and Maumee city councils have passed resolutions against the plans with numerous safety and staffing concerns.

Part of 911 is already consolidated in the county and has been for almost three decades.

All emergency medical calls that go through EMS are already routed through the county, so if you've ever had to call an ambulance, they're the ones making sure it gets to you.

"By having it consolidated in the county, EMS is able to be done the same for every call for medical emergencies," Director of Lucas County EMA Patricia Moomey said.

These dispatchers have specialized training so they can help talk callers through what they can do before first responders get to the scene dealing with situations from childbirth to administering CPR.

"EMS dispatchers here in Lucas County are trained emergency medical technicians, and then they are also certified as emergency medical dispatchers," Moomey said.

You will get your area dispatch first, but once it's deemed a medical emergency, the call is transferred to EMS Dispatch.

"That person will take your basic information, let's say you're having chest pain, and enter it in along with the address, enter it in to our computer aided dispatch system and then will transfer the caller to Lucas County EMS dispatch," Moomey said.

Maumee and Oregon City Councils have come out against 911 consolidation already citing concerns about logistics and safety, but the county is hoping the possible change would help people specialize and get*more training like EMS dispatchers do now.

"In the proposal that's put forth, you would have a specific cadre for call taking, law enforcement dispatching, fire dispatching and EMS dispatching," Director of Public Safety for the Board of Lucas County Commissioners Matthew Heyerman said.

One of the things specialization allows for EMS dispatchers and first responders is communication beyond once the patient is picked up.

"Any crew that's going to a hospital in Lucas County can notify EMS dispatch and they can patch them through to the hospital they are going to so they can give a patient report before they are there so they're ready for the type of patient that's coming in," Moomey said.