For the first time in a few months, you'll be able to grab a mixed drink or beer inside an establishment this Memorial Day weekend. 

Several bars and breweries in the area say they're welcoming you with open arms, but they're asking for some patience. 

Katie Meyer, the co-owner and general manager of Buster Brown's Big Dog Lounge, believes it has been a long time coming. 

"Public demand," stated Meyer.

Chris Morris, a co-owner of Inside the Five Brewing Company says they've been preparing for this time for quite a while now. 

"We spent the last two months preparing, putting up partitions, updating all our policies and we felt this was a good time to open," said Morris. 

The reopening comes just days before the Memorial Day weekend. 

Amelia Jarret, the general manager of the Attic on Adams, believes it will help more people want to get out. 

"We are expecting to be busy. The weather is suppose to be clear and be beautiful. We're keeping everything outside to keep everybody safe," said Jarret. 

The Attic on Adams will also have limited inside patio seating but they don't plan on opening their upstairs area just yet. 

"There's so many nooks and crannies and small places people can be. Its a big bar but with lots of small areas and we wanted to wait until things got a little safer for everyone," said Jarret. 

Meanwhile Inside the Five Brewing Company in Sylvania has it's own strategic plan to welcome you inside. 

"All of our seats are 6-feet apart. We've installed partitions and Plexiglas anywhere where it's less than 6-feet but there's a physical barrier in between. We took out quite a few of our tables and moved a lot of them upstairs," said Morris. 

The upstairs is a new private event space but for now it's being used to seat more people. 

With the weekend expected to be busy, Buster Brown's Big Dog Lounge is abiding by rules and creating a few just for extra precautions. 

"When they come in I take their temperature, okay, if they are over 100.2 they are not allowed to enter," said Meyer. 

The establishment has also cancelled karaoke and covered all its pool tables to discourage customers from gathering. 

And as the weekend approaches, you're asked to pack your mask and your patience as you head for some drinks.

"It's not the same, you can't just run up at the bar anymore. You have to stand in a little bit of a line," said Jarret. 

"It's been scary for a while, so we're hoping people find a release. And we hope to be that," added Morris. 

"I think they've been cooped up too long," said Meyer. 

The bars and breweries will have extra information and hours on their websites and Facebook pages. 

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