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Auction of historic Lincoln Elementary School items set for Oct. 23

Findlay City Schools moved classrooms out of Lincoln Elementary after last school year and plans on eventually selling the historic property.

FINDLAY, Ohio — A few months ago, the Findlay community said goodbye to a piece of their history.

Now, you can own a part of that history.

Lincoln Elementary School has stood as a cornerstone of the Findlay community since 1916, but now it sits empty.

After consolidating from eight elementary buildings to six, Findlay City Schools plans to sell the century-old structure.

But first, they will host an auction to sell off all of the excess items.

From a 250-gallon water tank to a tractor, desks, chairs and more.

"Most of it is still in good condition and can still be used. So we, in going from eight to six buildings, we have to reduce the amount of content and material we have, so we just had no use for it," said Troy Roth, FCS Superintendent.

Once the auction is complete and the building is properly emptied, the next step will be to sell the property and get the historic structure off of the district's books.

No word yet if the building will be repurposed, or demolished to make way for new development.

"We believe we will have some interest in that property. It's a nice property, and I'm not sure what it will be used for, but we're still working through that process," said Roth.

Credit: Jon Monk
Classes moved out of Lincoln Elementary following the last school year.

"We did let our teachers go through the Lincoln building and pick out some things if they needed desks, or chairs, or anything that we had that they thought they could use in their class. And we allowed them to take that to their classroom," explained Roth. "What we have leftover are items that we no longer need or can use, so we do have an auction here coming up."

The auction at the former Lincoln Elementary building will be next Saturday, Oct. 23, at 10 a.m.