TOLEDO, Ohio — As of 4:30 Monday evening, more than 2,000 St. Vincent Mercy Health healthcare workers are on strike.

The workers are upset about a number of issues. But ultimately it boils down to their proposed health-care coverage, a changing hospital environment and claims of being overworked. 

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The nurses involved in the strike say they are heartbroken and don't want to leave their patients, but the strike is in the hopes of improving patients' safety.

Patients like 18-month-old Landon Rinaldi, whose family needs St. V's for his emergency care as he battles a rare skin condition.

Landon's condition makes his skin tear and blister easily - and makes him susceptible to infection.

He relies on the children's hospital at St. V's, and his parents Andrew and Bailie are nervous about what treatment would be like without the regular staff.

"He was having inconsistent temperature, fever readings, so we ended up going to one children's hospital locally. They couldn't help, so we ended up at St. V's Mercy Children's," Andrew said.

Andrew says the nurses at Mercy Health St. Vincent's Children's Hospital were able to learn and adapt to his son Landon's rare skin condition, and help treat him and get rid of an infection.

Now, during the nurses' strike, Landon's parents are worried for other parents in the same situation.

"Specifically for us what's concerning is the kids, you know. They have all this variety of conditions and diseases, and these nurses know exactly what to do - and they're not there right now," Andrew said.

Landon is not currently in the hospital, but most of this care team is through Mercy - and his parents know with his delicate skin he could end up with an infection, needing emergency care at any time.

They say the nearest facility besides Mercy Children's that can treat him is at least an hour away.

"They were there when we needed them, and hopefully they'll be there when we need them again," said Andrew. "Because we will need them as he gets older and his disease progresses."

Andrew has been closely watching the lead-up to the strike, and says he supports the nurses after seeing the care his son has received.

"They work their tail off and do phenomenal care and they deserve what their asking for, I think," Andrew said.