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Are your acrylic nails STILL hanging on for dear life during the quarantine? Here are some tips on how to safely take them off

Mailana Triplett, owner of Nails by Mai in Toledo, explains step-by-step on how to safely remove your acrylic nails

TOLEDO, Ohio — Who would've thought that the last time we went out to pamper ourselves with some self care, like getting our nails and hair done, was going to be our last time before we were ordered to stay at home?

Since the quarantine, a lot of us have been doing the jobs we usually pay the professionals to do. 

Some are pretty simple and just gets easier with practice, like styling your own hair. But there is one technique that's not usually done at home (well not correctly): Taking off acrylic nails. 

In fact, the search for how to take nails was one of the top Google trends since the quarantine started.

Mailana Triplett, a popular and trusted nail artist in Toledo who owns Nails by Mai, explains the process of how you can take your nails off safely step-by-step. 

Below are the instructions and a walk-thru video:

I made a step by step video on how to soak off your acrylics! It’s much more clear than my other video I went live on! Pls excuse me as I’m still trying to become more comfortable with being in front of the camera! I hope this helps you guys! Again thank s so much to everyone for all the support. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on my business pages 💕 stay safe and healthy y’all.

Posted by Nails By Mai on Friday, April 10, 2020
  1. Take file and file off gel polish.
  2. Cut acrylic nail down to natural nail.
  3. Pour 100% pure acetone in glass bowl.
  4. Place hand in bowl (10-15  mins).
  5. take file and file off the gooey sticky residue.
  6. Place hand back in bowl.
    Repeat this process until nails are fully soaked off
  7. Softly buff nails to make smooth.
  8. File to a smooth shape.
  9. Do a strengthening base coat on nails.
  10. Add cuticle oil to cuticles.

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