SOUTH TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Due to last week’s rainy weather crews who have been working on the Anthony Wayne Trail are behind, but their plan is to work all weekend to catch up.

They've also found more issues with the existing pavement and extended the project back to Maumee.

The Ohio Department of Transportation is finishing the section of two lanes that they’re helping the city with from Sherwood to Glendale Avenue.

The city transportation team is on site preparing to paint the lane striping.

For some local businesses, they’re just happy to see an improvement. That includes nearby business owner, Mark Wurzinger, of Thermo-Twin Toledo.

“Just a little bit of a delay sometimes. You know, especially if there’s something happens. You know, we had one day where there, I don’t know if there was an accident or something, but it took them an extra five minutes to get here, they had to go around, but other than that, like I said, the benefits are going to outweigh the delays right now," said Wurzinger.

Streets, Bridges and Harbor crews are milling a section of pavement that needed to be replaced in the curb lane in front of Toledo Christian School, that they hadn't initially planned on as part of this project.

The paving team has completed paving the stretch from Copland to Sherwood, and are moving on to the Town Street to Copland section that stretches back to Maumee.

“We know that it’s an inconvenience to have this project on the Trail, but we think that when it’s over people will be satisfied the we have a nice newly paved over road rather than what was there before, but especially since it’s stretching longer than we said because of the rain and because of the extra sections that we’ve added, we know it’s an inconvenience," Ignazio Messina, Public Information Officer and spokesperson for the City of Toledo said.

Lane closures will continue on the northbound side of the Anthony Wayne Trail until the end of next week due to the delays and extra work being performed.

The expected cost of this project now sits at about a quarter of a million dollars.

This is all only a temporary fix, the Trail is expected to be excavated through this section in 2021.