FINDLAY (WTOL) - The holidays are a season of giving, but in Findlay, someone has stolen a chance for less fortunate children to receive presents this year.

The Salvation Army displays Angel Trees inside stores each Christmas which allows parents to apply for Christmas assistance, and to have their child’s name, age, size, and gift wishlist listed for generous shoppers to purchase for them.

“At least this way, the child can one thing that they asked for. And that makes me happy when we can get them something that they asked for,” said Major Dianna Morales with the Salvation Army.

But last weekend, according to the Findlay Tiffin avenue Walmart, two men grabbed one of the two Angel Trees on display and took it.

“And a thank you to the employees of Walmart that went out into the parking lot and searched for those tags to make sure that those children aren’t missing. I deeply appreciate that,” said Major Mike Morales.

Findlay police were made aware of the theft, but as of Wednesday there is no active investigation.

Dianna and Mike Morales don’t know how many Angel tree tags are missing, but estimate up to 60 could be lost. But, they do still have each child’s application, but won’t be able to reprint the tags because they don’t want to risk duplicates. So they will be accepting toy donations directly to the Salvation Army that would satisfy the general wishlists, like Lego, Nerf guns, paw patrol toys and infant items.

“Things for 12 to 14-year-old boys and girls, that’s really hard to come by. So stuff like that. They can drop it off here at Center Street, we’ll gladly accept them.” said Dianna.

If you would like to help get gifts to those children who’s Angel Tree tags are missing, or if you would like to help generally this holiday season, you can call (419) 422-8238.