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ALERT DAY | How to stay cool in record-breaking heat

There are many ways to keep yourself and the inside of your home cool. For those who are outside, there are cooling centers and splash pads around Lucas County.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Record-breaking heat is coming into the area today with a high of 98 and a heat index making the temperature feel over 100. 

It's important to keep cool to avoid heat exhaustion. For those without air conditioning, there are still ways to stay cool inside.

  • Stay hydrated: When you're hot and flushed, drinking water is the first thing you should do to cool down
  • Use a box fan: The large fans can be easily moved around a home and can be purchased at many local retailers
  • Close your curtains/ blinds: keep the sun from shining directly into the house and heating up the inside of your home
  • Sleep in light sheets to keep you cool throughout the night
  • Close doors to rooms that are unused to confine cooler air to rooms in use
  • Use light-efficient light bulbs: Efficient lights like LEDs emit less heat, as opposed to incandescent bulbs and others that release more energy as heat

For those who need to be outside or still want to go outside, there are cooling centers in the area like the Friendship Park Community Center at 2930 131st St., which is open to the public and extended its hours today because of the hot weather.

There are also public pools and splash pads to cool off in the water. Promenade Park in downtown Toledo offers public splash pads to beat the heat with a blast of cold water.

The city of Toledo has a webpage listing cooling centers all around Lucas County.

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