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After 4 years, Green Springs hunter finally claims antlers of enormous buck

After getting a shot at the deer last year, Sandusky County native Jason Kline was finally able to score his big prize.

GREEN SPRINGS, Ohio — An Ohio man has struck the lottery - at least it feels like it to him.

Jason Kline is an avid hunter and fisherman.

After tracking the animal for 4 years, the Green Springs native was finally able to score the antlers of an enormous buck in Sandusky County.

How big were those antlers? Kline says they were measured at 241 inches.

Kline says the deer was so big the townsfolk had a name for it - Herman.

According to Kline, Herman kept to himself on property where hunting wasn't allowed.

Herman was, as it turns out, wise beyond his estimated life of 8 years.

Kline says years of tracking the elusive deer created an emotional attachment to the animal.

"A deer this size is considered a world class deer. You lose sleep over things like this. You second guess everything. You should have hunted more. I should have tried this. I should have tried that," said Kline.

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Kline did have one chance to shoot the deer, but luck wasn't on his side.

"Last year during gun season, I did get him into gun range. I just wasn't a good shot. It wasn't good circumstances, said Kline. "Unfortunately I had to let him walk. That was the only time I really had a chance to take a shot at him in the four years that I hunted him.”

Herman was an Internet sensation and known by most avid in the area hunters by its sheer size.

But one day in October Herman disappeared.

Kline believes that's when the old buck died.

Two weeks ago, Kline stumbled onto Herman's remains and claimed the antlers.

Kline says that to him, this rare find made him feel like he won the lottery.

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It's impacted his kids as much as it's impacted him.

"They get super excited when people stop over the house to look at the deer," said Kline. "That's really cool. They like showing it off to people."

Kline says his wife would rather him win the lottery, but the hunt has him feeling like a winner already.

To catch your own antlers, you'll have to wait until next season. Deer hunting season in Ohio has officially ended.

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