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The Latino and Community Resource Center in Toledo is offering help to those facing barriers during the coronavirus pandemic

Adelante's executive director says they are assisting people with food insecurities, translations and unemployment.

TOLEDO, Ohio — It's a scary time right now for the Hispanic and Latino communities, which are having difficulties understanding everything happening during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Adelante, the Latino and Community Resource center in the Old South End, says there's a huge language barrier and there are several people who are undocumented and don't qualify for regular help.

Executive director Sabina Serratos says the Adelante is offering assistance with everything from food insecurities to help with translations and unemployment.

Although its offices are physically closed, you can still call Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. at 419-244-8440. 

"Keep in mind, the Latino population is a very private population. So the stigma associated with anybody reaching out for any kind of help in within our culture, we're just not use to that. And so them being able to make that, pick up that call speaks mountains," said Serratos. 

If Adelante can't help a person right away, they're able to refer them to other agencies in the area.

You can learn more about their programs by visiting Adelante's website.