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AAA reminds drivers to be aware of roadside workers ahead of biggest travel day of the year

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of the year to travel and AAA expects there to be more people traveling by car this year, than previous years.

SYLVANIA, Ohio — According to AAA, more than two million Ohioans will take to the roads to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday. That's why AAA representatives, law enforcement and those who work on our roadways want to remind everyone of the rules of the road, to ensure safety for themselves and those working roadside.

"Slow Down, Move Over" laws are in place across the country to protect roadside workers, first responders and other motorists who are feet away from people flying by them.

"I just wanted to take a minute to remind everybody to give us a break, we'll get our roads cleaned up and we'll get you safely to where you're going," ODOT snow plow driver, David Hehl said.

"Every single person you see on the side of the roadway helping out stranded motorists, tow truck operators, you name it. They all have families to go home to. It is very, very important that everyone knows the slow down move over law applies to every single vehicle with flashing lights on," AAA tow truck operator, Joshua Laffers said.

Drivers are reminded to be patient and not rush when going places because that puts you and the people around you at risk. Anyone on the roads should also make sure to be aware of changing weather conditions.

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