TOLEDO, Ohio — Part of Monroe Street was closed Saturday and turned into a work of art. On display, not your typical masterpieces from Picasso or Warhol but rather, cars.

These automotive masterpieces were inspired by the Toledo Museum of Art's exhibit "Life is a Highway: Art and American Car Culture."

Like a 1968 Mercury Cougar owned by Jeff Willets. Only 357 were manufactured and there are only three left, including Willets'.

"I don't know if it's like the Mona Lisa but I enjoy it more than I do the Mona Lisa. And you can't drive the Mona Lisa," Willets said. 

Life is a a Highway is meant to show how cars have impacted society over time from road trips to motels, even coming and going to work. It explores the rise of cars as a popular visual symbol of American culture.

Art event in Toledo, OH by The Toledo Museum of Art on Thursday, June 20 2019 with 278 people interested.

"Cars are a work of art on wheels because there's a design to it. The care and details owners put into it was well as the story they tell,"  Maria Lafelice of the Museum said. 

The cars parked along Monroe Street were a way to connect visitors to the exhibit.

The real cream puff was a shiny 1931 Auburn Boattail Speedstar, known for it's style and and craftsmanship. Displayer Chuck Bollinger said only 68 were made.

The estimated price on this one: a quarter million dollars.

"Back then they probably never thought people would value these cars as much as they do now. But it's a work of art in my mind," Bollinger said. 

Monroe Street will be closed down again on Saturday, Sep. 14 for another car show. The exhibit closes the next day.


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