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Police report, 911 calls reveal details about Winterfeld Park shooting

One of the victims recognized the suspects inside the vehicle because he had an altercation with them a week ago about a cell phone, report says.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Newly-released 911 calls are revealing details about a shooting Monday evening at Winterfeld Park in south Toledo. 

The shooting was reported around 4:44 p.m.

According to the police report, once officers initially arrived to the scene, no one was there.

Khyree Joyce, 19, then showed up and said he was running from two Black males who showed up at the park while he was playing basketball with his brother, 23-year-old Glen Joyce Jr. 

Khyree recognized the suspects inside the Blue Hyundai Sonata because he had an altercation with them a week ago about a cell phone.

Khyree reported two of the four suspects showed up to his mom's house with guns a week ago. He knew once they pulled into the parking lot of the park that they were going to shoot him so he began running.

Khyree told police he heard gunshots while they were chasing him, but he was not shot. 

Four suspects started shooting and Glen's cousin, Jermaine Brown, 23, was shot. 

Glen Jr. helped Brown into a vehicle and drove him to the hospital. Brown's condition is unknown as of Tuesday evening. 

In a 911 call, Glen Jr. can be heard yelling to the dispatcher that his brother, Khyree was being "chased down by two dudes with guns."

Another 911 caller told the dispatcher that men were chasing her brother "with an AR on Hill."

According to the report, Khyree told police that the car chased him around the block before he was able to get away. 

"We saw kids running. We don't know why they were running but then we heard the gunfire," said a homeowner who didn't want to be identified.

The homeowner had to hit the deck in the kitchen when a bullet whizzed through the front window of the house. 

"I mean, it's sad. Protesting about the police killing people but they're killing each other." 

No injuries were reported at his home. 

This shooting was one of five shootings reported in a matter of hours. Police are investigating if they're all connected.

The shootings sparked social media posts telling residents to avoid being outside from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m., and another post saying that the shootings were a "purge" caused by a demon.

Toledo Police have said rumors of a "Toledo Purge" are false.