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'I'm sorry man' | 911 caller in Sylvania Township says burglar apologized after he broke in, made his way through the home

Police said the suspect told them he had a gun and made a threatening gesture before he was shot and killed. An autopsy for Eduardo Parra shows he was shot 3 times.

TOWNSHIP OF SYLVANIA, Sylvania — Audio from a 911 call placed by a person inside a Sylvania Township home reveals the suspect who kicked in the door apologized to the occupants before running through the house and fleeing. 

The 24-year-old male suspect was located by police and police say that the suspect refused to follow the officer's commands and told the officer that he had a gun. The suspect then ran away from the officer, police say. 

The preliminary investigation says that as the suspect was running away, he reached into his waistband/pocket area, turned toward the officer and raised his arm in a threatening manner. 

The Sylvania Township officer then fired his weapon, striking the male suspect.

Police say they arrived and rendered first aid to the suspect. He was transported to Toledo Hospital where he died a short time later. 

The autopsy for Eduardo Parra, 24, that was performed Monday showed he died in a police involved shooting and received three gunshot wounds - one to the face one and each lower leg.


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No weapon was recovered from the suspect and no bodycam footage is available from Sylvania Township police because the department does not wear body-worn cameras, Chief Paul Long said during a news conference Sunday morning. Long has said the cost of the cameras was an obstacle to the department and they haven't been able to obtain them.

The chief emphasized in the news conference that while the man said he had a weapon, he didn't actually have a gun and that's why no weapon was recovered.

"In the end, there was no weapon recovered. It was just the suspect telling officers he had one. There was not a weapon at the scene," Long said.

The identity of the man was not released, though Long said that the man's ID showed him to be from a state far from Ohio. 

 In the nearly 5-minute long 911 call, a man at the home in the 5000 block of Valencia Drive said he didn't see the intruder but did have a conversation with him. He told the dispatcher that he knew the intruder was a man based on hearing his voice.

According to the man, the intruder said, “I’m sorry man, I’m sorry man, I’m leaving, I’m sorry," and said the intruder was "weird." 

“I would say something’s wrong with this guy. It was really weird,” the 911 caller said.


Chief Long said the officer who shot the suspect was Officer Kyle Andrews, who has been eight total years of law enforcement experience and two years with Sylvania Township. Andrews was on a solo patrol, as all Sylvania Township officers are, Long said. Andrews is on paid administrative leave while the investigation takes place.

This is the third shooting of a suspect by a Sylvania Township police officer since 2020, and the second such fatal shooting. 

Last year, Officer Justin Brackett fatally shot a man attempting to rob a Stop and Go with a knife on Feb. 26 and Officer Logan Hosley shot a man who pinned him with his car during a

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