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3A Eco Cans cleans your trash cans of bacteria, smells that can linger inside

While you're cleaning out your house by putting things in the garbage, 3A Eco Cans makes sure your trash cans are clean, too.

TOLEDO, Ohio — To clean out your house, you throw things in the trash can. But have you ever thought that even your trash cans need to be cleaned, too?

Three local men are making it easy for you to get your trash cans cleaned, which is ever important in today's world where we're more cautious about making sure everyday household items are sanitized.

3A Eco Cans is a new business that has made its way to the Toledo area. They will clean your trash cans of any bacteria or viruses that could be lingering inside. The best part is, it's FDA-approved and eco-friendly!

3A Eco Cans uses a 200° hot power washing system that gets all around the trash can while sterilizing it from harmful bacteria, fungi and larva. Then they'll finish the job with eco-friendly odor neutralizer to get rid of any lingering smells.

3A Eco Cans is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is closed on Sundays.

To schedule an appointment or to check out their rates, call 419-767-7777 or visit the 3A Eco Cans website.

No more dirty stinky trash cans for Greater Toledo!!!! 200 degree hot power washing system with the proprietary 360 degree spinning heads that washes every nook and cranny and at the same time sterilize your trash can from all harmful bacteria, fungi, larva, and odors. We finish the job off with our FDA approved eco-friendly odor neutralizer. Book your service online today @ 3Aecocans.com ! Or call us at 419-767-7777 Let us do all the dirty work for you! Yearly rates starting at $15 per cleaning per month. We also offer commercial and residential power washing services! P.s . . . yes we are in shorts and sandals but we could not contain our excitement and threw anything on to test the equipment out as soon as we received it! #Sylvania #SylvaniaOhio #Perrysburg #PerrysburgOhio #Toledo #ToledoOhio #Oregon #OregonOhio #VillageOfOttawaHills #OttawaHills

Posted by 3A Eco Cans on Sunday, September 12, 2021