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Wood County foresees hiring boom as big name companies plan to bring 3,000 jobs to the area

As many businesses continue to struggle hiring workers, the question is: will the close to 3,000 new jobs coming to Wood County get filled? Experts say, yes.

WOOD COUNTY, Ohio — Peloton, UPS, Amazon are just a few of the big names bringing jobs to Wood County.

"We have a great team here regionally that really kind of puts these projects together, it's really kind of got everything here. And you combine that with a skilled and hardworking labor force companies really look for," said Wade Gottschalk, Director of Wood County Economic Development. 

Doing the math, there are three major companies adding jobs in Wood County over the next three to five years. Peloton, which will bring 2,000 jobs, First Solar, which is adding another 500 jobs, and UPS, bringing about 400 jobs.

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But as businesses continue to be short staffed, not just in Wood County but all across the country, will the close to 3,000 jobs on the way get filled? Gottschalk said yes, and it all goes back to pay.

"What we found are most of these jobs that are coming in are going to pay a pretty good wage, it's a self-discerning factor. They understand that they're going to have to pay a good wage, in order to get the employees that they need," said Gottschalk. 

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For comparison sake, consider the Amazon fulfillment center in Rossford which originally came with the intention of creating 1,000 jobs. Over time, they've been able to fill those jobs and add about 2,000 more. Officials say that success can be attributed back to employee's ability to grow within the company, and the benefits they offer.

"You know, they're up to 3,000 employees out there, their original commitment was 1,000. Obviously, they have turnover there so there's always going to be job openings," said Gottschalk.

General manufacturing, skilled trades and other management positions are just a few categories of the jobs on the way.

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