Three Toledoans were charged with an identity theft conspiracy after being accused of using stolen credit cards to buy electronics, appliances, clothing and other items.

Terrance Carter, 25, Carrie Gibson, 30 and Angelina Carter, 24 were charged with conspiracy, mail fraud and aggravated identity theft.

Officials say they stole mail from mailboxes and vehicles to get personal identifying information from their victims, including social security numbers, driver's license numbers and credit card information.

The indictment says the three used this information to create lists of the victims' addresses, dates of birth, bank information and other information, and used this information to obtain things of value for themselves or to resell.

According to the indictment, some of the things the defendants obtained using this stolen information was:

  • A gold bar with a credit account issued to a victim in Jan. 2016
  • A Lowe's credit card to purchase $1,225 in merchandise from the store on Airport Highway
  • A stolen credit card to purchase $285 worth of goods from Walmart on West Central Avenue.

The indictment says the conspiracy spanned from 2015 to 2017.