ADRIAN, MI (WTOL) - Three aides have been charged in an assault investigation at the Center of Autism at ProMedica Bixby.

Police arrested Sarah Phillips, Erinn Tiede and Ashleigh Sancrant in connection with the investigation that began in August.

Police say Phillips and Tiede are charged with a single count of assault and battery, as well as one count of child abuse of the fourth degree.

Sancrant was charged with one count of assault and battery.

All women have been arraigned and are out of jail on bond.

Their trial dates have not yet been set.

ProMedica issued a statement on the arrests on Friday.

“Recently, we were informed that arrest warrants were issued for three former employees of Bixby Autism Center,” the statement said. "In July, during our educational monitoring, we discovered what appeared to be incidents of assault of four children at the Bixby Autism Center by those three employees. We took action immediately by notifying the children’s families, terminating the employees involved, reporting to the proper agencies and fully cooperating with the Adrian Police Department’s investigation. We also voluntarily closed the center to conduct our own investigation.

"The Bixby Autism Center remains closed at this time. We are deeply saddened that these incidents occurred at one of our facilities. Any future decision to reopen will be made only if and when we determine that we can do so while ensuring the safety of each and every child entrusted to our care.

"During this difficult time, we appreciate the collaborative relationship we have had with the Adrian Police Department and will continue to cooperate as needed.”