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OUCH! Know When Your Child's Backpack is Too Heavy

Backpacks that are too heavy can lead to back pain and potential issues down the road

Heading back to school can be a real pain in the back. So how can you tell if your child's backpack is doing damage?

You know kids are really loaded down these days, lugging around half the locker. When used correctly, experts say backpacks are the best way to carry around all that stuff.

Keep an eye on them. If your child's posture changes while wearing a backpack, they struggle when taking it off or putting it on or they have any tingling or numbness, it's probably too heavy for them.

A good rule of thumb: their backpack shouldn't weigh more than 10 to 20% of their weight.

Also, they should be using both shoulder straps, and they should be tied in the front so the pack is close to their body.

It also helps to stay organized. Remember, load the heaviest stuff in the center.

School is hard enough. Don't be stuck with a pain in the back.