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2 teens accused of brutally beating cat with baseball bat are in custody

Freedom, named after the street where he was found, suffered severe injuries after teen boys allegedly beat up the cat.
(Source: The Compassionate Village Facebook page)
DISCLAIMER: His injuries may be sensitive images to see.

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Two juveniles have been taken into custody for allegedly beating a cat with a baseball bat.

The suspects are 14 and 16 years old.

The cat, is currently receiving treatment for the variety of injuries he sustained.

Freedom, named after the street where he was found, suffered severe injuries after the teen boys allegedly beat up the cat.

Britni Wilson-Carleton, president and co-founder of Compassionate Village, has been caring for Freedom.

“That’s what makes it all more disturbing, that he’s such a sweet, friendly boy, even after everything that happened to him," she said.

Compassionate Village is a new local nonprofit that helps pets, and sometimes their owners too, when they need to get back on their feet to be able to care for their pets again.

In Freedom's case, no one has claimed him, and it is believed that despite his domestic nature, that he doesn't have owners.

A young woman posted online that she saw the two teen boys attacking the animal.

Compassionate Village sprung into action. They picked the cat up right away and took him straight to the vet.

"Her dogs were the ones that alerted her that something was going on outside. She ran to her window and she saw the two teens, one had a baseball bat in hand and the other one was kicking him, and the one with the baseball bat was brutally striking him in the head. At that point she quickly ran outside. She didn’t hesitate. She was screaming for them to stop, and the teenage boys took off,” explained Wilson-Carleton.

Freedom underwent extensive treatment, and despite his visible injuries, he is very active and mobile following the attack.

He was taken to the MedVet facility in Columbus to be treated by feline cardiologists and orthopedic surgeons.

Compassionate Village posted on Sunday that Freedom was making progress.

“It’s time to hit the road little boy. It’s so good to see you and have you back in our care. The best is yet to come,” the post read.

The organization believes strongly that these surgeries will be able to heal Freedom and he will live out a full and happy life.

They are accepting donations, and are thankful to the community for what has already been given. The name, “Compassionate Village” comes from the adage that it takes a village to care for one another.

To donate, visit their Facebook page.