FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - Cyberbullying is something many people with an online presence have to deal with. But women are twice as likely to be the victim of abuse over men.

A University of Findlay grad student ,who herself was a victim of online sexual abuse, decided to speak publicly about the issue, which eventually led to her being offered a chance to write a book on the topic

Bailey Poland wrote a course paper on cyber sexism, which led to public presentations on the subject. She would showcase tweets she received from random anonymous men to show what cyber sexual abuse looks like.

This led to an interview with the New Yorker and a publication deal. The 312 page book talks about the subculture of sexual assault online and how some men view it as a hobby.

She also looks into the psychology of this activity and possible solutions.

Poland says hopefully the book can have an impact on both the victims and perpetrators of cyber sexism.

"To let other women know that they're not alone in experiencing this. That other people are out here and we know what it's like and support is available," Poland said. "And for people who engage in that behavior, I want them to know that they're not doing it unseen. We get what's going on, and we see it. And it's being actively combated. They like to claim the internet is their turf, but it's our turf too."

Bailey will be speaking at the University of Findlay on January 25th and the Owen Community College campus in Findlay on Jan 30th.

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