TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - What's on your wish list this holiday season? If you're looking for a free home, List 'n Sell Realty may have just what you're looking for.

"It's a great three bedroom, two bathroom home. It's literally a stones throw away from a Catholic high school. And when we got it it was in very bad condition, so we're doing some amazing renovations," said owner Engelo Rumora.

The home is located in the 100 block of Austin in north Toledo.

Rumora says plumbing, electrical, and several coats of fresh paint are just a few of the upgrades underway. All the work is being done by people who have donated their time.

"There's no hidden agenda with this house giveaway believe it or not. It's coming from the heart, it's what we really want to do. And I hope that we can do this every year, once a year," said Rumora.

Located in the heart of north Toledo some may say this house is in a rough part of town, but Rumora says someone in need will appreciate it.

"I think that here in Toledo someone in the lower income range would appreciate a home like this no matter what the area is. Much more than someone in a higher end area," said Rumora.

If you're interested, just go to the List 'n Sell Realty website and make a two minute video explaining why you should receive the house. Once submitted the public will vote and make the final decision on who is the most deserving.

The deadline to submit your video is Monday, December 5. You must be 18 and over to apply.