TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Tuesday afternoon, Attorneys and staff at KNR stopped by The Mareda Center in Toledo to donate backpacks full of school supplies and $1,000 to go towards them after school and reading room program.

"To be able to help somebody and just give them a minute where they can be happy about something and smile-if I can be part of that, I'm thrilled," said Anthony Hall, Managing Attorney at KNR.

"I think it's amazing that an organization would come to us," said Allison Perz Director of the Mareda Center. "This generosity is just amazing."

The donation is all a part of a year long campaign called 'KNR Cares'. Along with donations, staff stayed to play games, read and help kids with their homework.

"What happens, typically, is they end up at school with some of their school supplies, a little of their school supplies-maybe none," said Perz. "So this will make the difference for them."

After a shooting at the Moody Manor in 2013, the Mareda Center opened with the purpose of providing educational programs for low income families. Which is why something as simple as a free backpack-means so much to not just the students, but staff at KNR.

"We're in the business of helping people," said Hall. "We're a law firm that has helped so many people across the state of Ohio and we had the opportunity to do that which I am so thankful for. And these kids-it doesn't get any better than that."