BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Anyone who works morning knows the first few hours of the day can be rough. This is especially true for rainy days like Wednesday.

To help brighten things up, Klotz Floral and Garden in Bowling Green passed out bouquets for passers by as a part of their "Petal it Forward" program.

The shop gave people two bouquets. One was for them, the other was to be shared with someone else.

Klotz is one of about 200 shops across the country that took part in "Petal it Forward," Wednesday.

"The main thing is, with everything going on, it's to put smiles on people's faces and show what flowers really can do for people," Gene Klotz of Klotz Floral and Garden said.

Klotz Floral and Garden celebrates their 100th anniversary this year.