BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Ryan Wright is a father of two with a third coming soon. With his experience, bed wetting is nothing new.

"The baby wakes up crying in the middle of the night. Their clothes are wet. Their sheets are wet," Wright explained. "Mom and dad are having to change the baby, change the sheets. Everybody is exhausted the next morning."

That's where Sposie comes in.

Wright helped develop the product, which is a booster pad designed for overnight use, particularly for heavy-wetters or kids as they get older and reach potty training age.

Wright says the booster pad keeps babies dry through the night. The product is manufactured in Bowling Green and shipped from Maumee.

The product has mostly been sold online to positive reviews, but Wright got a big break through an open call with Walmart last month.

Out of nearly 800 products pitched to the big box store in Arkansas, about 125 were picked for placement in stores. Sposie, is one of them.

The open call is part of a push by Walmart to sell more US made products.

"When you take all of these companies across, even Ohio, that Walmart is supporting, it's all of the jobs, all of the people it impacts," Wright said. "It's quite an honor to be part of it."

Wright says consumers will be able to buy the product on Walmart's website in six to eight weeks. It will hit store shelves in March.

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