Lenawee County works toward balanced budget
The county commissioners voted on necessary changes to balance the budget.

LENAWEE COUNTY, MI (ToledoNews Now) – Lenawee County commissioners voted on issues necessary for passingthe county budget.

The good news is therewill be no county employees laid off. However, some workers will go anotheryear without a pay raise.

Commissioners voted on a1-year labor agreement for sheriff's deputies and nurses. They will have to paymore for health insurance and contribute more toward their retirement funds,but deputies will have a new 1-year contract with the Police OfficersAssociation of Michigan.

County AdministratorMartin Marshall said these changes are necessary to balance the county budget,and he thinks they are fair.

"They are making the samefinancial sacrifice to the picture of the county that the rest of the countyemployees have made over the last several years," Marshall said.

He said most countyemployees still make the same amount they did in 2009.

Marshall also saidnon-union county employees will receive a $300 bonus to help with sacrificesthey've been making.