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Lenawee County wind turbine proposal could interfere with airport safety

Lenawee County wind developers have recently experienced an obstacle in their wind turbine proposal.

LENAWEE COUNTY, MI (WTOL) - Lenawee County wind developers have recently experienced an obstaclein their wind turbine proposal.

Plans for the turbines are to locate theproject less than 13 nautical miles from the Toledo Express airport's radar,which causes safety problems. The turbines would cause electromagneticinterference on the airspace, and would be a hazard to air navigation.

The Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition, which has been fightingfor tighter restrictions on the turbines, says that this affects 63 of 80proposed turbines in Riga and Ogden Townships which areboth located just outside Blissfield.

"It is unclear at this time. I mean it certainlywould appear that they have selected  an area that is not feasible forturbines based on these FAA determinations or at least not feasible for theturbines of the height that they want to build  that they indicatethat they need as a result of the wind resources in this area." said Josh Nolan of the Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition.

Yuwi Wind, the company that designed the turbines, has not yetcommented on this issue, but it could hamper their plans significantly.

The FAA says that this would not be a problemif the developers would lower the height of their turbines to under 324 feet.  The developers are currently planning theturbines to be as high as 492 feet tall.