LUNA PIER - Waves came crashing over the floodwalls Thursday in Luna Pier.

A strong Nor-Easter pushed Lake Erie over it’s banks and drenched shorelines.

“This comes up quite often in this area but not this bad,” said Michael Fracas of the Amateur Radio Emergency Services.

The Alan Cove subdivision residents were asked to leave by police but not necessarily forced out because of the flooding.

Nothing new for them. Exactly one year ago this week the same area was hit by flooding.

The pumps are back sucking up any water entering homes.

“Where the houses are set up kind of in a low spot it’s like a soup bowl. Water comes in over the lakefront, the creek fills up and everything just captures in the middle,” according to Don Stump, Jr.

He came to check on his 88-year-old dad Don, Sr. who refused to leave.

But he’s got a good reason.

“Well I got some pets in here. I don’t want to take my best friend a cat. I’ve had him seventeen years. I ain’t taking him nowhere.”

Nearby in Morin Point waters slowly moved through a neighborhood creeping up on houses. But not everybody was worried.

“My house like a lot of other houses around here is raised a few feet. Done many years ago,” said Glenn Shannon.

D&R Shows is gearing up for the county fair and carnival season. But rising water could put a damper on the rides and food stands here.

Some of the trailers were move to higher ground.

“Yes it would damage some of the equipment if it gets too high,” said Jeff Bragg.

Most of the residents in Allen Cove left their homes. But they plan to return when the wind dies down and the water recedes.