Kids complain Zhu Zhu pets break within days

By John Matarese

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

(WTOL) - Many children were thrilled on Christmas morning when they received one of the hottest toys of the season -- Zhu Zhu pets. However, some families are complaining the toy hamsters broke within 24 hours of opening the package.

"The noises work, but the motor just stopped. And the wheel don't turn any more," said parent Jenny Vaughn. She says she put in new batteries, but the toy still didn't work.

Vaughn looked online and found many postings from parents with similar stories. Some parents posted a possible fix. They suggest to unscrew the battery access screw. If the batteries are good, check the two metal contacts on the motor unit. If it's not perfectly aligned with the battery tray, the motor wont get power.

If the toy still doesn't work with that fix, It's time to return the toy if possible. Stores do have them in stock to try a replacement toy.

Another option is to contact the manufacturer, Cepia. The company says failures are rare, but customers with problem toys can ship a defective pet back if local stores don't have any in stock.