Kids' art at Toledo Zoo could help elephants and ban ivory sales in Ohio
Lucas the African elephant (Source: WTOL)

(Toledo News Now) - The Toledo Zoo says that 96 elephants are killed every day by poachers who only want their ivory tusks.

The Toledo Zoo is joining a national campaign to stop the poaching of elephants in Africa.

And the best part is - your kids can help.

Kids are invited to color pictures of elephants to show support for their conservation.

The zoo will send the pictures and petitions to Ohio lawmakers in hopes of enacting real change: A ban on selling ivory in Ohio.

Ben Whitebread, manager of the elephants at the Toledo Zoo says, "If there's a loophole, people can find the ways to get around things and make it able to sell it still. So that's what we're trying to bring awareness to and also tell our government, hey let's close the loopholes. This has to be an all out ban on ivory."

The goal is to turn in 96,000 petitions nationwide.

Kids can get their coloring pages at the Toledo Zoo or get them off of the Zoo's website and email them in.