For 25 year-old Jeremy Ketter, it was a quick trip to court.

The former University of Toledo student was supposed to be sentenced for breaking into a dorm room in March. Instead of heading to prison, Ketter gets another chance to get out of jail.

Police said he was just watching the women sleep for the most part, sometimes sitting next to them." Two girls were asleep inside. One said she was awakened when she felt a hand on her stomach and back while she slept.

Attorney Tyrone Riley said, "I'm hopeful we'll have new information about the case. We may be able to dispose of the old case." Ketter's attorney got the sentence delayed so he could keep looking into his client's new charges... again on the UT campus.  He was just about to be sentenced when the most recent incident occurred."

Police say Ketter targeted more than five girls inside Nash hall this month. One stated the suspect did touch her butt and breast before he left the room. Others claimed he rubbed their arm, hand, leg and even went into the ladies shower.

Ketter is maintaining his innocence, and his attorney hopes the new charges won't influence the court when sentenced next month. His new bond is one hundred thousand dollars.