FULTON COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Tuesday marks the beginning of day two in the trial of The People vs. James Worley.

Slow progress is being made in the jury selection process at the Fulton County Courthouse, which is why officials blocked off an entire week of the trial just for jury selection alone.

Even if the jury selection wraps up before Friday, opening statements and the first witness will not be called until Monday. However, much more work needs to be done before a jury is selected.

This jury selection is virtually the same as what happened in the courtroom Monday. The same questions are being asked of the jurors and many of the same excuses were given for jurors who are dismissed.

After being summoned, more than 100 new jurors reported for jury duty to fill out a questionnaire and be questioned as a group.

This is all part of the voir dire process, or preliminary examination.

More jurors were released as they expressed issues with jobs, their health or other personal reasons that would prevent them from being able to serve. Well over a dozen jurors told the judge they had already formed an opinion on the case and could not be fair to the defendant.

"I also have to ask, the victim in this case, Sierah Joughin, did anyone know her personally or have any sort of a relationship with her?" Robinson asked the jurors.

The atmosphere was more calm in the courtroom on Tuesday than it was on Monday as the Honorable Jeffery Robinson gave this speech to jurors:

"I'm certain that all of you understand that any individual accused of any offense has the presumption of innocence. I believe the expression I heard yesterday was that the individual is cloaked with innocence," Robinson said.

During the general voir dire, that occurred both Monday and Tuesday, there are several subjects off limits. The judge has requested the attorneys not to discuss the publicity this case has received, that this is a death penalty case or that the jury will be sequestered.

On the topic of voir dire, court documents show that the jury more then likely will be sequestered in a hotel during deliberation. This means if deliberation takes longer then a day, the jury will not go home at night. They will be transported to a local hotel for the night and brought back to the courthouse every morning until they have reached a verdict. .

The judge and attorneys on both sides have so far worked their way through more than 300 potential jurors, weeding out those with scheduling conflicts, health problems and those who already have their minds made up on whether James Worely is guilty or not guilty.

The current jury pool is still well over 100, which means attorneys have a nice group to continue to question in order to select the right people to sit on this case.

Wednesday, the jurors who have not been dismissed from both groups will return to the courthouse. It is expected that the attorneys and judge will begin individual voir dire.

Each juror will be called on and asked more specific questions about their beliefs and background. Their answers should help the defense and state decide which 12 will be the best fit to be seated on this jury.