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Judge sentences Ciboros to life in prison for rape, kidnapping of family members

Before reading the sentences, Judge Jennings called the Ciboros "depraved" and "evil" and their actions "disgusting, perverted and reprehensible."

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - After about six hours of deliberation, a jury found Timothy and Esten Ciboro guilty on all charges of kidnapping, rape and child endangering.

The verdicts were read just after 5 p.m. on Friday.

Timothy Ciboro was sentenced to 5 life sentences plus 41 years, with no eligibility for parole.

Esten Ciboro was sentenced to 3 life sentences plus 38 years, with the possibility of parole.

The father and son were found guilty on a total of 17 charges; ten for Timothy and seven for Esten.

A short time after Judge Linda Jennings read the verdicts, the Ciboros were sentenced.

Timothy and Esten, when asked if they had anything to say before the judge read their sentences, both told the judge they had no prior record.

Before reading the sentences, Judge Jennings called the Ciboros "depraved" and "evil" and their actions "disgusting, perverted and reprehensible."

She also said they had, "distorted the word of God for your own evil purposes."

In addition to the prison sentences, both Ciboros were registered as tier 3 sex offenders.

Closing arguments began on Friday morning for the case in which the father and son were accused of raping and holding a now 14-year-old girl captive in their basement for more than a year.

Timothy and Esten Ciboro were arrested at their home on Noble Street in north Toledo on May 19. The father and son are accused with kidnapping and endangering children.

During closing statements, Timothy and Esten each took turns at the stand. Timothy began by asking God for forgiveness and Esten asking the jury to do the right thing and put their family back together.

When closing arguments were finished, the jury received instructions before they met to deliberate. Deliberations began around 11 a.m.

After two hours, jurors still didn't have a verdict but had a question about a piece of evidence they wanted to review.

It was on the fourth day of the trial that the state and the Ciboros both rested their case. Throughout the judicial process, Timothy and Esten have insisted on representing themselves, which Judge Linda Jennings eventually agreed to.

Jennings also agreed to let a comfort dog into the courtroom and sit at the feet of the alleged victims while they gave their testimonies. A first in a Lucas County court room.

Judge allows Timothy Ciboro to represent himself, allows comfort dog for victims

When the testimonies were all said and done, the 14-year-old stepdaughter, Timothy's 9-year-old biological daughter and his biological son all testified to being sexually abused by Timothy.

Timothy's son, who was the first witness the duo called to the stand, testified he was indeed touched inappropriately by his father, which surprised Esten and many others in the courtroom. The boy told the courtroom the alleged abused happened when he was younger and had not happened for some time.

State and Ciboros rest case; third child admits to being assaulted

The trial began Monday and a decision from the jury is expected sometime on Friday.

WTOL 11 has been uncovering this story since the then 13-year-old girl escaped from the Ciboro's basement in May. Take a look back at these gut-wrenching videos and stories that help tell it all.

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