Job expert gives advice to parents on using sick days for kids

By Tanieya Lewis - bio | email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Working parents often struggle to balance work and family. This time of year, school snow days and sick children often cause parents to use sick days of their own.

For snow days, there are options. Toledo Day Nursery is one daycare center that takes walk-ins on snow days when schools are closed. Other daycare centers are willing to take school-age children when schools are closed for snow. Calling around to find one can create a back-up plan in advance.

However, daycare centers will not take children who are sick, which means parents need to either find a back-up plan or use a sick day.

Stacie Moss at Job One USA says it's a legal right to use sick days to take care of sick kids. She recommends to research your company's policy and to know exactly how many sick days are available and how many have been used. "Most companies try to stay around that three-day mark, where personal and sick days are a combined three days," said Moss.

Using sick days should be a last resort, and she recommends calling two hours before your scheduled start time to give the office staff time to regroup.

When the kids are very sick, it's easy to know when to call off. It's trickier when the kids just aren't feeling well. In these cases, Moss recommends having a good friend or relative as a back-up plan. A walk-in daycare center is another possibility in this instance. However, it's important to know the center's sick policy to know what symptoms children can and cannot have to attend.