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HOLD THE PHONE: 11 Investigates answers the call to find out what you can do to fight annoying - and costly - robocalls and scams

In addition to just being annoying, robocalls are costing people money. How quickly can a robocall find your number and just what can you do? Here's what we found.

Brian Dugger

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For more than a year, Dr. Ted Barber of the Toledo Clinic has been dealing with long-haulers, those who recovered from COVID-19 but can't shake some of the symptoms.

When he's not in the office, he's often on call, his phone always nearby.

Sometimes a patient is on the other end when that phone rings. And sometimes it's someone telling him his warranty on his car has expired or that fraudulent activity has been detected with his Social Security number.

The callers aren't telling the truth, of course. They are robocallers looking for another easy mark.

"It's a daily occurrence, and I can't ignore it because I can't tell the legitimate ones from the robocalls," Barber says.