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Call 11 For Action: 22,176 cases closed locally, $15.9M recovered locally

Call 11 For Action is committed to helping people fight scams and regain money
Credit: WTOL

TOLEDO, Ohio — Call 11 For Action has been working to fight consumer scams and help people regain money for decades.

The most updated numbers are:  

  • $15,885,546.92 recovered so far locally 

  • 22,176 cases closed locally

Have a consumer problem or concern?

Call 419-255-2255 if you are the victim of a consumer scam, fraud, or rip off.

You can also e-mail Call 11 For Action with your problem.

Or, CLICK HERE to enter your information into a database form.

Call 11 for Action is a special volunteer service of WTOL News 11. Our volunteers have all the connections you need and have helped thousands of people solve seemingly hopeless problems. 

Each year Call 11 for Action recovers thousands of dollars for the people they help.

What is Call 11 for Action?

  • A non-profit volunteer-based telephone information, referral and action service
  • A community service dedicated to resolving people's problems.
  • A member of a national organization, Call For Action, Inc.

What does Call 11 for Action do?

  • Provides free and confidential assistance to people who call or e-mail with problems.
  • Experienced volunteer professionals, working from a comprehensive, up-to-date resources direct each caller through appropriate steps.
  • If the problem is still not solved, the volunteer may intervene and act on behalf of the caller.

How does Call 11 for Action benefit consumers and businesses?

  • Acts as a buffer between the consumer and the company.
  • Acts as a non-judgmental go-between in mediating disputes.
  • Improves consumer relations.
  • Weeds out complaints that are not valid.
  • Exposes fly-by-night organizations.
  • Serves as a source of information about community problems.
  • Acts as a referral agency for people who have nowhere to turn.

Who uses Call 11 for Action?

  • Any individuals who have valid complaints or needs.
  • People who have not retained an attorney.
  • Callers who do not represent a profit-making organization.

Want to volunteer?

You can volunteer with Call For Action by filling out this form by Clicking Here.
You can EMAIL BACK TO: volunteer@callforaction.org

Call for Action
730 North Summit Street
Toledo, OH 43604