TOLEDO (WTOL) - Most of us are lucky to feel secure in our own homes, but that isn’t the case for one woman in Point Place who said she’s being verbally and financially harassed by her neighbors.

Landri Peden is a disabled Army veteran suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder. She told WTOL her home is normally the only place she feels safe. But now, Peden said because of her neighbors, even her own house feels like a war zone.

"I'm a veteran that suffers from PTSD and my home is the only place that I feel at peace and now I feel like I'm living in absolute chaos," Peden said.

Peden said she's experienced some of the worst life has to offer. She said her ex-husband became abusive after his time in the military, so much so that she and her son had to move to their Point Place home from a different part of the country.

It's been no walk in the park, though. Peden claimed her neighbors haven't cut her a break since she moved in.

"I have a bush in my backyard that they actually cut down when I was out of town," she said.

The list of issues goes on and on. It started when neighbors complained to her about her trash cans. Then came letters and texts.

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There were claims of animal cruelty involving her 10-year-old son kicking her two service-dogs-in-training. Peden admitted there was an instance where this happened, but she said she addressed it and it hasn’t been a problem since.

The complaints continued about her landscaping, and finally, a promise to take financial action.

"We sat down to talk about a payment plan,” she said. “Well they are slapping me with nine percent interest, or trying to, which the other residents didn't pay interest. And then they're putting a lien on my home even though I'm agreeing to pay."

The 'we' is her homeowners association, better known as the Summit Pointe Property Owners' Association. The payment is for the community docks on the street. It's a neighborhood-owned part of the land that fell into disrepair years ago. When Peden bought her home in 2017, the agreement stated there was a long-term plan in place to fix the docks.

But over the summer, Peden said there was a vote among HOA members and she said she was asked to cough up $4,000 plus interest as the first part of her payment.

WTOL went to the HOA president and vice president, both of whom asked not to be on camera. They said Peden's claims don't tell the whole story, and they're willing to work with her on a payment plan.

Peden said she has no problem paying in due time and hopes the individual neighbors she is having issues with will stop bothering her. She said she has retained legal counsel.

The HOA has an attorney as well. WTOL reached out to the lawyer but never heard back from him.

It’s unclear if and when both parties will meet again.