TOLEDO (WTOL) - A south Toledo woman was in dire need of a new roof on her house.

She turned to a man who offered her a good price but she ended up paying a whole lot ... for a whole lot of nothing.

Ronda Bishop said she handed over $1,500 in cash to roofer Mike Vinet. Bishop said her daughter and Vinet went to high school together and that’s where she got the referral. But weeks later, Bishop’s roof is still a mess and she’s $1,500 poorer.

“I would like my money back,” Bishop said. “I’ll even settle for $1000 and start fresh. I really need my roof done.”

Bishop said she’s lived in her home for more than 10 years. She and her husband purchased it at a great price but there were sacrifices, including an outdated and altogether broken roof.

“I do have a stove, a refrigerator,” she said. “But no kitchen because of the roof.”

It’s not for the lack of trying. Bishop approached Vinet and after some back-and-forth negotiating, Bishop said they reached an agreement on a $3,000 job. She put down $1500, and would pay $1500 at the end.

Signed, sealed, but not delivered. Bishop said Vinet started giving her the run-around, saying her shingles burned up in his boss' garage. They didn’t. WTOL confirmed that with Vinet’s now-former boss.

But WTOL wanted to hear from Vinet himself.

“You know, I have her money in an account,” Vinet said. “When we go to court, she’ll get her money.”

But WTOL 11 wanted to help these two avoid the legal system, so we asked Vinet if he would simply refund Bishop’s money.

His response: “Definitely.”

But Vinet refused to call Bishop during his interview with WTOL. He said he would return her money on Friday, which Bishop confirmed.

WTOL will update this story when we confirm the money has been returned.