SWANTON (WTOL) - Swanton resident Cynthia Carr has racked up over 100 hours of research these last few months, digging in to what exactly is in the water at Arrowhead Lake Mobile Home Park, where she’s lived since the 80s.

Their water appears to be contaminated with radiation and Carr said she has hard evidence to back it up: the residents themselves.

“We’re sick. We’re dying,” Carr said. “Tumors, cancer in the brain, kidney problems, kidney disease, cists, lumps, bumps, some cancerous, some not.”

The main issue she said they have is radioneuclides in the water. “Any time the water hardness level goes above 150, the radioneuclides are not effectively removed from the water," Carr said.

It hits close to home for April Grajczyk, whose daughter has symptoms that she said could be related to the water.

“She’s been raised in that park since she was a year old. She’s bathed in it. You know, when she was a baby in the bathtub I’m sure she’s gotten water in her mouth or taken drinks of it or even playing in the hose outside, you know?” Grajczyk said.

Carr said the paper trail shows a pattern of neglect from previous and current Arrowhead Lake executives.

Attempts to reach them by phone weren’t successful.

Now, Carr said she wants them to answer to the court.

“At this point, yes of course we want water that’s safe and clean to drink and to use, but now that I have seen what’s in the water and how long it has been neglected, now I think that they need to pay the Pied Piper. I want them in front of a judge,” she said.

Meanwhile, Carr and other residents are all avoiding their own water... like the plague.