TOLEDO (WTOL) - A local woman came to WTOL for help after she left prison empty handed, when in fact she said she had her purse at the time she was booked into the Lucas County jail.

"They took my purse, they took all my items and they don't want to give it back,” 33-year-old Victoria McQuin said. “They're saying they don't have it, but I went to jail with it."

Call 11 for Action: Purse returned to woman after originally being misplaced following jail stay

McQuin was booked into the Lucas County jail in mid-February before being transported to the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio for a brief incarceration. But when she was released, she said she was missing her purse with all of her belongings inside.

"It has everything in there,” she said. “Car keys, house keys, everything that I own. Credit cards, money, an iPhone, it has a lot of important stuff in there. Birth certificate."

It turns out, the purse never made it inside CCNO. A spokesman at the prison told WTOL it was found nearly two weeks after she was booked into custody, in the luggage compartment on a transport bus.

CCNO said it's now back in McQuin's hands. McQuin confirmed to WTOL she received the purse.

It’s unclear if this incident will change any policy or procedures when inmates are being transported.