Potholes plague our roadways in northwest Ohio. That's no secret.

But on one west Toledo street, you might as well be off-roading on the moon.

"They're just sticking traffic cones in the potholes instead of actually fixing them," said Lindsay Lawton, a resident on West Capistrano Avenue.

"There's definitely a jolt," Lawton said. "Depending on which one you hit depends on the severity of it."

Lawton has lived on West Capistrano Avenue for three years. She also grew up in the same home and said the potholes have never been worse.

"The neighbors and I have been calling for months, trying to get somebody out here to at least take a look, to fix them," she said.

But their pleas headed no results. Multiple neighbors called city leaders non-stop about the crater commotion, according to Lawton. 

"I just feel like they don't care," she said. "They absolutely do not care what we're driving on. They don't care the damage that's done to our vehicles."

That was, until WTOL stepped in to help, making the pits a priority.

"Since you brought it to our attention about West Capistrano, I know that it's been reported already but we're gonna go take a look out there and see if we can get a pothole crew out there today or sometime in the near future to address what's critically needed to be fixed," city spokesman Ignazio Messina said.

There's also good news for folks all around Toledo. Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz plans to re-allocate city funding to fix potholes across the city, Messina said. He is expected to make an announcement with more details Thursday or Friday.