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SHOTS FIRED: Data shows where, when shootings are most common in Toledo

For the first of our three-day series, 11 Investigates went through more than 1,500 calls to the Toledo Police Department for shots fired. Here's what we uncovered.

Emma Henderson

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It’s news that’s not easy to share when another homicide grips a Toledo neighborhood.

Our 11 Investigates team has been poring over the statistics of these homicides - specifically shots-fired calls - to find any patterns to help our community stay better protected.

Over three days, our Shots Fired series will bring you a look at the data from Toledo police that pinpoints when and where violence happens the most, examine what tools are being used to track down violent perpetrators and show you the human side of who this gun violence ultimately affects.

For today's installment, 11 Investigates documented every shots-fired call from January through August this year to find out when and where these calls originated, and where they’re coming from most often. Toledo police responded to more than 1,500 shots fired calls in that timeframe.