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Key figure in Johnny Clarke/Lisa Straub murder investigation says she is willing to cooperate with police, prosecutors

Tiffany Williams was the person on the phone with Clarke on Jan. 30, 2011, when police believe intruders broke into the Holland home of Straub's parents.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Days after the three-night airing of our investigation into the 2011 murders of Lisa Straub and Johnny Clarke, a key figure in the case reached out to 11 Investigates to say she is willing to cooperate with police and prosecutors.

Tiffany Williams was the person on the phone with Clarke on Jan. 30, 2011, when police believe intruders broke into the Holland home of Straub's parents. Clarke and Straub later were found dead in the home's kitchen by Clarke's father. Their hands were duct-taped and plastic bags were taped around their heads.

"I'm to the point now that I'm willing to do whatever needs to be done," Williams told 11 Investigates, saying the series has caused a lot of negative reaction for her on social media. "I hope they get who did it, and I hope they suffer in hell."

Williams called Clarke at 10:41 p.m. She told police that he did not say hello. Instead, she heard him say, "Bro, what are you doing?" and "Who the hell are you?" She also said that he said it angrily.


Detectives believed the use of "bro" implied that Clarke may have known the intruders. Williams said in a 57-minute phone call to 11 Investigates this week that he may not have said "bro" or said it angrily.

"He may have just been confused." She said he definitely asked, "What are you doing?" and "Who the hell are you?"

After Clarke asked those questions, Williams insists that he said, "Tiff, I'll call you back." 

During our investigation, it was discovered that the home's door from the garage was damaged as though Clarke and Straub tried to keep the intruders out. Some people interviewed for the stories questioned whether Clarke would calmly promise to call back if intruders were rushing into the home, but Williams said she had no doubt.

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The videos and online stories have received close to 100,000 hits since last week. Several commenters implied that Williams was involved because she did not immediately call police. Instead, she went to the home with friend Zack Burkett and after getting no response, called the girlfriend of Clarke's best friend. The girlfriend then reached out to Clarke's mother, who called police.

Williams said the speculation caused her to reach out to WTOL 11. She said she is now sober and in a much better place than she was when the murders happened 10 years ago.

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"The reason I didn't call police is that Johnny told me he'd call me back. When I waited and he didn't call back, I got worried," she said, alleging that Clarke was selling drugs and had them in the home. "If the police went there and he was busted, I would have been the snitch."

She said she is not involved and does not believe that Burkett is either. But she does have a suspect in mind and is willing to talk to police about that person, even agreeing to testify if needed.

"I'm willing to do what needs to be done," she said. "If it needs to be opened up, let's open it up."

Police ask that anyone who has information about this case call Crime Stoppers at 419-255-1111 or the detective's bureau at 419-213-4917.

And, of course, you can find our complete coverage at wtol.com, our free WTOL 11 app, or on our YouTube channel.