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Lucas County prosecutor faces Thursday deadline to respond to new trial in 'Guilty without Proof' case

The Ohio Innocence Project used the WTOL 11 story as a basis to file a new motion in the case of Wayne Braddy and Karl Willis, convicted in a 1998 murder.
Credit: WTOL
Karl Willis, left, and Wayne Braddy, along with Travis Slaughter, were charged with Maurice Purifie's murder and robbery. Willis and Braddy have maintained their claims of innocence for more than 20 years. ​

TOLEDO, Ohio — The Lucas County Prosecutor's Office now has less than 24 hours to respond to a motion for a new trial from Wayne Braddy and Karl Willis.

The two men were convicted of the 1998 killing of 13-year-old Maurice Purifie. A 2019 11 Investigates report examined their claims of innocence and found several issues with the case.

The state's main witness, Travis Slaughter, told 11 Investigates - on camera - that he lied during the 2000 trial. On the stand, Slaughter said that he promised to pay Braddy and Willis if they helped him to confront Maurice about money that Slaughter said the youth owed him.

Slaughter told 11 Investigates that he made up the story about being involved to appear "gangster" to Shondrea Rayford, who he claimed was his girlfriend.

The Ohio Innocence Project used the WTOL 11 story and interviews as a basis to file a new motion. Lucas County Common Pleas Court Judge Gary Cook approved a motion to seek the new trial. 

The prosecutor's office was given until Sept. 30 to respond. As that deadline neared, it asked for an extension until Oct. 14.