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11 Investigates: Who killed Kevin Carr Jr.?

A father and fiancé faced hard choices to keep his family afloat. A final decision likely ended in his murder. Who killed him? The answers may be locked in an iPhone

Brian Dugger

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It was raining on the night of Sept. 10, 2014, as Kevin Carr Jr. stepped out of his mother's car on Blum Street in central Toledo.

He was wearing dark sweat pants, a Coogi coat, and sneakers. A scar on his cheek was a testament to the hard, sometimes criminal, life that he had led in his first 24 years. A tattoo of praying hands on his chest was his commitment to turn from it.

Carr was headed somewhere that he didn't want to go, to meet people he didn't want to meet.

Moments earlier, he promised his fiancee, Lee, that he would be home in time to be with their son, Sir Pharaoh, so that she could go to work.

Lee would have been his ride if not for the rain. It was too cold and too wet for a 9-month-old baby.

After his mother pulled into the side street, Carr jumped from the car and thanked her for the ride. She saw him turn left onto Hawley.

And then he disappeared.

Credit: WTOL
Kevin Carr Jr. was found strangled to death, his body dumped in a western Lucas County field. He left behind a fiance and a son, and no on has been charged in his murder.