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SHOTS FIRED: What tools are in place to help solve crimes in Toledo - and are they working?

Nonprofit Crime Stoppers helps collect anonymous tips on cases in exchange for money. In 2020, it paid out just $7,400 and finished with over $400,000 in the bank.

Michael Tatar (WTOL)

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“The last couple of years have been out of line and we need to fix that.”

That's the writing that officials with Crime Stoppers Toledo - including organization President Jim Wiegand - can see on the wall.

Police cannot do their jobs without help from the communities they serve. There’s no program more well known in our area for helping than Crime Stoppers. Neighbors can give anonymous tips for a reward. 

But does it actually work to solve crime in Toledo?

Over three days, our Shots Fired series will bring you a look at the data from Toledo police that pinpoints when and where violence happens the most, examine what tools are being used to track down violent perpetrators and show you the human side of who this gun violence ultimately affects.

Today, 11 Investigates' Michael Tatar dug for answers for Part Two of our violent crime series.