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11 Investigates: Restaurants rack up COVID-19 safety complaints, make changes

The restaurant industry has made large adjustments to allow safer dining during the coronavirus, but some are still continuously receiving complaints.

Emma Henderson

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Up until 2020, walking into a restaurant or crowded business was just a part of our everyday lives. Now, those crowded spaces have been spaced out. 

Masks cover our faces and we’re paying more attention to the basics, like washing our hands. 

Not everyone is following the rules health experts say will make the rest of us less likely to catch COVID-19. 

Our 11 Investigates team has been tracking the issues at local restaurants that caught the attention of the Ohio Investigative Unit by combing through months of complaints and citations.

We've uncovered restaurants that have been accused of ignoring health orders, cases that have been traced back to specific restaurants and have found at least one serial offender in Toledo.

We focused on three restaurants. One has seen repeat complaints from people and a citation from the state since the spring. 

Another has several complaints and COVID-19 cases linked directly to it. 

And a third was named in the most recent round of citations.