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Inside Jacksonville's Own Tedeschi Trucks Band

It all started at a garage sale in Jacksonville. Derek Trucks was just a little kid.

JACKSONVILLE, Fl -- It all started at a garage sale in Jacksonville. Derek Trucks was just a little kid.

"I had five dollars. My mom liked garage sales, and it was the only thing that was interesting to a 9-year-old child," Derek said while laughing. "That's how it all started."

His fingers were too small to go around the guitar, but his dad did show him some chords.

By age 10 he was seen as a child prodigy, his wife Susan said. "He was already playing with people like Bob Dylan and Joe Walsh."

And just a few years ago Rolling Stone Magazine named Derek Trucks one of the "100 Greatest Guitar Players" of all time.

What a list to be on with Jimi Hendrix as #1 and the Beatles' George Harrison at #11...

"We paid them off," Derek joked.

In half a second, his wife chimed in, "No, he deserves it."

The husband-wife team leading Tedeschi Trucks operates with that type of supportive chemistry.

They welcome guests into their studio with a down-to-earth friendly attitude. Then they start telling stories.

They tell really good stories. Stories about how Susan just hears tunes and lyrics and must write them down right away or sometimes they are lost forever. She's even written words on a cereal box when they hit her.

She has saved hotel stationary and scraps of paper and manila folders all covered with her powerful lyrics, which have become so well-loved by fans.

Watch the video above for another heartwarming story. If you have one romantic bone in your body, you'll love hearing about how Derek proposed to her at the beach.

Susan, the lead singer, has quite a resume as well. She toured with John Mellencamp, the Allman Brothers Band, Bob Dylan, and the Rolling Stones. She also sang in a gospel choir. And maybe you caught her singing the National Anthem at the 2018 NFL Wild Card game in Jacksonville against Buffalo.

Derek has another claim to fame, as well. His uncle, Butch, was the drummer for the Allman Brothers. Derek himself joined the band at age 20.

The style of TTB? A mix of Southern gospel, hard jazz, blues and a focus on telling stories.

Derek says he doesn't like bands which play to a success formula. "I want to hear somebody tell me what they go through in life at that moment," he said. What aggravates him is when "certain people could lose a parent on a certain day...then sound the same way when they hit the lottery."

He admires the true greats, he says. "It is life changing." He says they hit right "to the core because they could not lie to you."

Obviously, thousands of fans around the U.S. and the world see the true fabric of TTB's music. Derek says their audience is "a slice of what this country is and is supposed to be. It's all people from different backgrounds."

Susan and Derek will be leading their TTB band come June 29th at Dailys Ampitheater in Jacksonville.

The band is producing a new album right now.

Speaking of albums, the couple has racked up an impressive run at the Grammys. Derek -- 2 Grammy awards and 6 nominations. Susan -- A Grammy and 7 nominations. (She got to sit right near Prince at one of those award events.)

But no surprise, they don't brag. They just keep saying their band members are extremely talented solo musicians in their own right.

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