TOLEDO (WTOL) - In two separate incidents at the same Toledo pond Friday, people fell through the ice. Among those who broke through were three Toledo Police officers who were assisting in a rescue.

In the first incident, one man in a group of ice fishers fell through the pond, which is near Ontario and Cleveland. The man’s friends pulled him out of the water and he was treated on the scene by Toledo Fire and Rescue crews.

In the second incident, a 17-year-old fell through the ice. An 11-year-old who was with him ran to get help and called 911.

Toledo Police arrived and three officers went out onto the ice to try to throw a flotation device to the 17-year-old. All three officers fell in, with one completely submerged, and two in the water up to their waists.

The officer who was completely submerged was taken to the hospital to get checked out. The other officers are OK.

The 17-year-old also was taken to the hospital.

It initially was reported that the same group of people returned to the pond, but that turned out to be incorrect.