Implosion to shorten remaining smokestack scheduled for Friday
The two smaller smokestacks have already been demolished.

TOLEDO, OH (Press Release) - On Friday, Aug. 29, a 10 a.m. implosion is scheduled to take place that will shorten the remaining smokestack at the former Toledo Edison Power Plant down to 100 feet.

Dykon Corporation has been contracted through B&B Wrecking by the City of Toledo to perform the implosion.  Portions of Front Street and the surrounding area will be an exclusion zone to protect the safety of the public.  The Maumee River will be closed from the Craig to the King bridges as part of the exclusion area.

The National Museum of the Great Lakes will be closed.

Boaters who dock their vessels at the Skyway Marina are encouraged to move their boats Friday morning.

Motorists using the Veterans' Glass City Skyway should expect traffic speed to be reduced or stopped depending on traffic flow prior to the scheduled implosion.

A large dust cloud is possible with this implosion.  While this dust is not hazardous to the health of the general population, those with respiratory issues should avoid the area for a short time after the implosion has taken place.  The dust residue on houses, cars, or other outside items can be removed with water.  It is however recommended that those in the exclusion area shut their windows and turn off air conditioning units immediately prior to and after the implosion to reduce any impact from the dust.

Once the all clear signal has been given, traffic on streets in the exclusion area and on the Maumee River will return to normal.

Security from B&B Wrecking will be on scene as well as our Toledo Police Department, Toledo Fire & Rescue Department and the United States Coast Guard.

A separate press release from our Division of Transportation related to the road closures is attached as well as a map of the exclusion area.